A time to honour

Getting married is a very special occasion for the bride and groom. It’s also an incredibly special time for the families involved; especially the parents and guardians of the couple getting married. Therefore, it goes without saying that within your ceremony you should take a few moments to honour the commitment, dedication, time and effort they made to get you where you are today.

A very simple way to bring your parents into the ceremony is to have a declaration section where you provide them an opportunity to publicly approve the marriage you’re entering into that day. How this happens is that near the beginning or mid-way through the service the marriage celebrant asks the parents to stand and declare their support. In some instances the marriage celebrant usually asks “do you promise to love and support X and Y in getting married and starting a new family together?” To which the parents reply “Yes, we do.”

This is not the make or break of your wedding ceremony, but just something to consider as you try to honour those who have raised, supported and made you into the person you are today.

I think it’s a nice touch, and any way to publicly thank those closest to you shouldn’t be passed up.

 Something to think about.