Alternative to a Registry Office Wedding

I have a mate in America who I have known since I was a teenager. He was an exchange student at my school. Since his time in New Zealand, he and I have kept in touch. Despite the distance, I consider him a very good friend. So much so that he was one of my groomsman (I had 6).

After returning to the US from NZ, he started the long arduous process of becoming a doctor. As you could imagine, everything fell second fiddle to his studies. It’s only been within the last few years or so that he has met a girl and eventually got engaged.

Throughout this time, I was eagerly anticipating the wedding. However, after chatting with him last year, the whole processing of organising a significant wedding was going to be too much. So much so that he and his fiancé made the decision that they were going to elope at a registry office. I was disappointed, mainly because I wanted to be part of their big day. But I can respect their decision.

Like my mate, perhaps the thought of a grand wedding is too overwhelming to bare. Perhaps it’s too expensive. Whatever your reason, you can have a nice wedding without all the bells and whistles (and costs too).

For me personally, the thought of getting married in a registry office, doesn’t sound that appealing. It just feels really impersonal – kind of like a conveyor belt; one couple goes, and then next are in line behind them waiting for their turn. Maybe you feel the same.

If you’re in Auckland and you’re wanting a small wedding that’s an alternative to a registry office wedding, then I can help you. If you want something at your favourite location, your church, heck even your lounge, you can have it.

Contact me to see what I can do to help personalise the process of getting married.