Have your witnesses sign beforehand

A handy little tip I’ve learned over years is to ensure that you do as much as possible before the wedding ceremony.

One thing that people often forget to do is get the marriage license before the rehearsal. When you think about, it only really matters if you have it on your wedding day. Right? Not really.

I don’t think anyone should leave things to the last minute. Especially your marriage license. You never know what will happen. And imagine the stress if something happened that prevented you from getting to the registrar to get it on time.

The reasons why you need it before your wedding ceremony is so you can get your witnesses to fill it in. If you’ve been married before, you’ll know what I mean. If you’ve never seen a marriage license before, there is a section for each of your witnesses. You need two of them. Each witness must fill in their full name and address as well as sign.

To make things nice and efficient on the day, I always get the witnesses to write their names and details after the rehearsal. This means that on the day, all they’re having to do is sign; as opposed to writing their names, addresses and then signing – this just takes too long.

Once you’ve done this, give the marriage license to your marriage celebrant and they can keep them and bring them on the day.