Down the Aisle

Probably the most anticipated moment of any wedding is the time that the bride walks down the Aisle. As she places one foot in front of each other and proceeds to make her way to the front, all eyes are on her. No one can look away. It’s her moment and she has every right to take her time. What makes gives the moment substance is a good song.

When planning your wedding, you will need to consider what song you walk into. There are three things you want to consider:

1 – A song that is romantic

Whether it’s the lyrics or the melody, you want to ensure you choose a song that accurately reflects the romance of the day. Therefore, choose something that puts everyone in the mood and reminds them of the occasion.

2 – Unique to you

As this is your big day, it goes without saying that the very moment that you walk down the aisle, should be to a song that just shouts “you.” Make it special and make it unique to you. Think of a song that means something to you.

3 – Length – make it go the distance.

As you don’t want to rush things, make sure that your song gives you sufficient time to make it to the front. There’s nothing worse than getting halfway down the isle and your song finishes. Pick a song that around and longer than 2.5 minutes.

Your marriage celebrant will coordinate everything, but the choice of song you walk into is purely your decision. If you’re struggling for ideas, find something that ticks these three boxes. This will make your decision incredibly easy and make your day uniquely you.

In my upcoming blogs I will provide you with a list of some popular songs to start your ceremony. In the mean time start thinking about a romantic song that’s just for you and is not too short.