The Congratulations Line

Imagine the moment when you exit back down the aisle. The ceremony’s done. You’ve both said your vows, declared your love for each other and the marriage celebrant has pronounced you husband and wife. What happens now? You’re done, right?

Well, not quite. You see, there is one last thing you need to be aware of; something that is often easily overlooked. You’re done, but your guests, you know the ones who love and care about you, the ones who have dressed up and made the effort to attend your big day, they want to congratulate the two of you immediately after the ceremony.

So what should you do? Simple. Just ensure you’re standing somewhere where guests can form a line to hug, kiss and high five you. It’s important that you make allowances for this, because although most people will be coming to the reception following the service, there will be some whose only encounter with you on your day will be at this very moment.

So when you’re at your wedding rehearsal, ensure your marriage celebrant gives you guidance on where an appropriate place is to stand for this.

It might take an extra ten minutes and a hundred or so hugs, but I’ll tell you what, it’s totally worth it.