The things you need to consider for your wedding ceremony

If you’ve just got engaged, odds are you’re wondering what happens next? Any search on the net will list off a whole host of things you need to consider, organise and do.

I’m not a wedding planner, but what I have is a lot of experience when it comes to your wedding ceremony.

The first step is that you need to pick a date and find a venue for both your ceremony and reception. Some places offer a service for both.

Once you know the date you’re going to be getting married, the next step is to find a marriage celebrant. The celebrant will tell you if they are available for the date. If they are available, you need to ensure that you secure their services for that date.

Keep in mind that if you’re considering a registry office wedding, a marriage celebrant can still help you. This might be more suitable for you as they can personalise your wedding more than what you would experience if you did it at the department of internal affairs.

About a couple of months before your wedding, you need to speak to the ceremony venue to confirm a date for the rehearsal. You want to do a rehearsal because it ensures that everything runs smoothly on the day.

Prior to getting married, you will need to get your marriage license from the department of internal affairs. It’s valid for 3 months. It’s useful if you have this prior to the wedding rehearsal. This will mean that during the rehearsal, you can get the witnesses to fill in their details so on the day all they’ll need to do is sign. It also means that you can give it to the marriage celebrant, and he can take it and ensure that its brought to the ceremony on the big day.